2022 - 2023 PTSO Board & Committee Positions

2022-2023 TCR PTSO Board & Committees

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THE BOARD: The Board shall consist of the Executive Board & the Committee Board Members.

Executive Board



ExDir - Communications

Dale Coates

ExDir - School Support

Gauri Patel

ExDir - Fundraising/Membership

Amy Wamsley


Nicole Baker


Megan Halperin

Treasurer Elect

Lee Lowe

Communications Elect

need 2022-2023

Committee Board Members

Advisory Council - sit in on TC Meetings

Gauri and Gina

Fundraising/Membership # 1

Laura Swangim

Fundraising/Membership # 2

Jessica Smith

Fundraising/Membership # 3

Julie Wimbish

Fundraising/Membership # 4/Database Manager

Christine Creasman

Fundraising/Membership # 5

Leslie Thrasher

Fundraising/Membership # 6

Kristi Gray

Fundraising/Membership # 7

Lee Lowe

Finance Committee #1

Janay Minor

Finance Committee #2

Lee Lowe

Finance Committee #3

Sheridan Cup

Food Drive #1

Hannah Lim

SIT Committee - sit in on TC Meetings

Jill Ibbotson

Staff Appreciation #1

Jill Ibbotson

Staff Appreciation #2

Sheilah Stetson

Teacher Representative

Taylor Sluder

Sign-Up Genius/Facebook

Gina Kidder