Student Information

A Student Guide to the TCR Media Center

Helping Students Learn and Teachers Teach!

Visiting the Media Center

Regular operating hours for the media center are from 7:15 a.m. to 3:45 p.m.

Watch student announcements for changes to the schedule.

Before and after school, you do not need a pass to visit the media center. If you are visiting the media center from a classroom or during your lunch period, please present your pass at the main desk when you arrive. We will sign your pass when you are ready to return to class. Before entering the media center, PLEASE sign in at the front desk.

Media Center Policies

The media center strives to have an atmosphere conducive to studying and learning.

* Please follow school rules for food, drinks, and cell phone use.

* Quiet conversations are okay as part of your research. Please be considerate of students around you who are studying and working.

* Tips and policies for using media center computers are posted by the computers.

* Please leave your area neat and orderly. Pick up around your seat, push chairs under the table, and return books to the carts or drop box (not the shelves).

*We want you to be successful. Ask for assistance if you can’t find what you need.

Computer Usage

Students using the computers in the media center for school-related research and word processing have priority. If all computers are filled, and you need to school-related work, please let us know and we will find a computer for you.  


Copying and Printing Policies

One way the media center staff tries to make access to materials easy is through our copy and printing policies.

If you need to copy pages from any of the library's materials you may do so free of charge for 5 copies.  After 5, it costs 10 cents per page.  Please fill out the copy slip and leave at circulation desk. We will copy your materials as quickly as possible. 

Copies can also be made of non-library materials, but there is a 10 cent per page charge.  This includes college applications and class notes.

If you need to print from a computer for a school assignment you get the first five black and white printouts free and 5 cents a sheet for any additional pages.  Color printouts cost 25 cents per page. Students are responsible for everything they print so if you only need a portion of a website copy and paste it into a Word document.

Printing that is not directly related to a school assignment will be charged 5 cents per black and white page and 25 cents per color page.

Circulation Policies

One of the primary purposes of your media center is to make materials accessible to you. The various circulation policies listed below help assure reasonable access to materials for most people.

Students may check out up to five books at a time.

To ensure we have materials available for other students, we ask that you only check out two books on any one subject at a time.


General Collection Materials

Most items in the media center can be checked out for student use. Some items have special rules, but items from the general collection have check out times of ten school days and fines of 10¢ per day for each overdue item. General collection materials include items with call numbers beginning with F (Fiction), G (Graphic Novels), B (Biographies), SC (story collection) or a number such as 362.4 (Nonfiction). If you are unsure which items circulate for ten school days, please ask any staff member.

Reference Materials

Reference materials are those items with a call number beginning with REF. These materials have a yellow R or REF on the spine to easily identify them. Examples include encyclopedias, expensive or large items, and heavily used items. All reference materials may be checked out at the end of the school day and are due back by first period of the next school day. Fines for reference materials are 50¢ per day. Students not returning reference materials within 3 days will be referred to the office.

Video Tapes / DVDs

Video tapes and DVDs are for curriculum support by teachers only. Students missing a video in class or wanting to use a video for research may view videos in the library.


The media center stocks approximately 45 magazine titles for your use. Magazines may be checked out for two school days. Fines for overdue magazines are 50¢ per day and replacement cost is $5.00.

Renewal and Fines

To avoid additional fines accruing on overdue materials, return them or renew them as soon as possible. Fines do not have to be paid when turning in overdue materials. However, if fines are not cleared each six weeks report cards will be held and check out privileges will be suspended.