Attendance Makeup Schedule and Waiver

Attendance Waiver

Board of Education Attendance Policy

The Attendance Waiver Form is available in the Main Office.

Regular school attendance is vital to student academic success. High school attendance is taken in each class period. Under current attendance guidelines, all students in grades 9 - 12 must be absent no more than five days in each course in order to earn credit for the course.  Student absences for each course are listed in the Parent and Student Portals and are available 24/7 online or in the app.  Students are allowed to miss five days in a class without penalty. These absences may be excused or unexcused. Students with more than five absences, whether they be excused or unexcused must make up time for those absences to obtain course credit. 

Students seeking attendance waivers should download the "Attendance Waiver" form. Waivers are granted only when the absence is necessary (hospitalization, surgery, etc) and students must have proper documentation submitted to the waiver committee in order for a request to be considered. Waiver forms are also available in the counseling office. Excused absences are not automatically waived. 

If a student has a grade of "FF" as a final grade in any course, the student academically passed the course, but were absent too often to earn credit. Students have an opportunity to recover absences in Attendance Make Up offered on designated dates during the school year and in the summer.