Library Media Center

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The library media center provides access to a variety of resources including books,  online databases, computer programs, audiovisual materials, and all kinds of electronic resources like e-books and audiobooks. These resources are made available to support student learning and to ensure students have many experiences which influence their development as informed and compassionate digital citizens. Two full time librarians are available to assist students with selecting the materials they need to best answer their questions and to guide them in selecting the book that best suits their individual reading preferences.

Currently the media center has over 18,000 books available for checkout.  We also have loaner computers available to students twice a semester and disposable earbuds available for $1 a pair.

Media Center Staff

Gwendolyn Perry - Media Specialist   Jared Brush - Tech Facilitator

Library Phone Extension - 4238

Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday: 7:30 - 3:30