Teacher Information

Teacher and Class Use

of the TCR Media Center

The media center has available the necessary books, periodicals, electronic resources, A-V materials, equipment, and staff to assist in your class preparations and assignments.


1. Please schedule classes on the calendar sheetsin the media center. Feel free to put your classes down on the schedule and talk with us when you have a chance. It is helpful if you fill out a collaboration sheet and give it to us at least two days prior to bringing your class. Remember that we are always available for collaborating and planning a research project with you.

2. Teachers may send individual students or small groups, with a pass, to the Media Center for studying or getting materials. Each student should sign in at the main desk and leave his pass at the desk. When the student returns to the classroom, his pass will be signed and departure time noted. If there is a class in the library at the time, computers may not be available for students to use, but they are welcome to use other resources in the media center.

*The Media Center gives out green Media Center EZ Passes for students to use during their lunch.

3. Please sign up for the conference room of the professional roomusing the same calendar sheets.


1. Please send a written request for specific items with a student when sending for teacher materials or equipment. Items cannot be checked out to a staff member via a student without a written request. If you check out materials to use in your classroom, especially reference books, please be mindful that others may be waiting for those materials, and return them to the media center as soon as possible.

2. Please sign up for all other equipment in the Equipment Book. If there is an open slot, it is available and you may sign up for it. Please be considerate and only sign up for class periods you need, so that others may use the equipment also.

3. We have 2 tablet carts and one laptop cart of 15 that are also scheduled through the media center for classroom use. Please sign up for these carts in the Equipment Book. If there is an open slot, it is available and you may sign up for it. If you have any problems with the devices, please either submit a Bolt ticket, or give us a note with the information so that we can put in the Bolt ticket for you. Please be considerate and ensure that the lab is returned at the end of your last scheduled class period with all units plugged into their respective numbered slots. Per BCS policy, A TEACHER MUST ACCOMPANY THE TRANSPORT OF THE COMPUTER LAB.




All packages are received in the Media Center. You will be notified by email if a

a package arrives for you.




Please do not hesitate to ask for assistance -- the media center is here for you and your students.

Please let us know any suggestions for materials to order, and we will do our best to get the materials you need to help you instruct your classes. We want to have in our collection the items that you need in order to support you and your students in having a meaningful and positive teaching/learning experience.