Distance Learning

Learn and Earn Online

The Distance Learning Lab gives 11th-12th graders the opportunity to take college-level courses from AB-Tech via an internet connection. Students attend class at Roberson High School under the supervision of the Distance Learning Advisor while the instructor at AB Tech teaches the course. Since all of the coursework is completed on the computer, students are expected to be technologically proficient, possess a minimum 2.5 unweighted GPA, and complete a virtual application packet before enrolling in Distance classes. Although not a requirement, it is highly recommended for students to have internet access at home.

Currently, Roberson High School offers college courses as elective credit through the Distance Learning program. Courses include Sociology, Psychology, Intro to Computers, Anthropology, American Politics and many more. This is an excellent way for students to earn college credit (with a grade of "C" or better) without leaving the TCR campus. In addition, students are earning honors high school credit. Courses are completely FREE to qualifying students which makes the opportunity even more attractive. It is possible for students to obtain as much as 24 hours of college credit by taking Distance Learning courses if they start in their Junior year, take two courses per semester and complete the class with a "C" or better.

North Carolina Virtual Public School

Virtual High School (or NCVPS) is a unique program that offers 10th-12th graders elective high school credit in an online environment. Students with a GPA of 2.5 or greater have the opportunity to enroll in courses not currently offered at Roberson High School. Many AP courses are also included in this program. Students must be self motivated, demonstrate computer literacy and meet all pre-requisites for the virtual course.

Courses are taught by teachers from North Carolina Public Virtual School via the internet. Students access the course in Roberson's Distance Learning Lab which is facilitated by the Distance Learning Advisor. Honors and standard courses are a semester in length and AP courses are year-long. NCVPS courses are seminar-based; students interact, exchange information, and participate in group discussions with their classmates and teacher.

Qualified 10th-12th graders wishing to take Learn & Earn Online or NCVPS courses must obtain approval by an administrator or counselor and complete a virtual application packet.

Roberson's Distance Learning Advisor facilitates both college and high school distance courses at Roberson High School. If you are interested in applying for an online course or learning more about these programs contact the Distance Learning Lab.