How can parents support students in Spanish Class?

There are many ways to support your student in this class:

  • Check Power School regularlyto see what your child's grades are.  Talk with them if you see anything of concern or email me with questions.


  • Make sure your child attends school every day!Being present and active in class is important, and absences can cause students to get behind.  Make sure you check your child's attendance in Power School.  If your child goes over five absences, they need to attend after school Attendance to make up their time. 


  • Encourage your child to STUDY, READ, REVIEW, AND PRACTICE!!!The number one way that students become better students is for them to continue practicing at home.  In my class we read, sing, practice every day.  You can support your student's learning achievement by having them study for 15-20 minutes every night in QUIZLET or CANVAS. They need a quiet space where they can study and focus.  Students should not be on their phones while studying. 


  • You can join the REMIND APP where I post a remainder for homework or projects. Email me and I will share the code with you for you to join.


  • Ask to see your student's notebook.We work in the notebooks daily, so they are a record of activities.  Make sure your child is completing work and that their work in the notebook is neat and complete.  


  • Email me if you have any concerns!I am happy to answer any questions you have, so don't hesitate to call or email me at Phone(828) 654-1765  Room: 2412