Speyer, Ana - AP Spanish/ Heritage

Ana Speyer
AP Spanish- Heritage Teacher

Danza del Venado
Bienvenidos a mi Clase!

My name is Ana Speyer.



I am a native Spanish speaker and I am so thrilled to be with you this year at TC Roberson HS.

I will be teaching……

Spanish 1


Spanish I is designed to give students a balanced exposure to all four language skills and culture, centered around the accurate reproduction of Spanish sounds and the ability to comprehend spoken Spanish.

The following are course objectives: accurate pronunciation; a working knowledge of the structure and function of the Spanish verb system, with primary emphasis on the present tense; acquisition of basic vocabulary; cultural understanding; and ability to comprehend spoken Spanish that uses familiar vocabulary and structures.

Upon completion of the course, students should be able to communicate, at the very minimum, at Novice Mid proficiency level.

Spanish II

Spanish II reinforces and expands the skills introduced in Spanish I. Additional vocabulary and grammar are introduced to offer more advanced communication opportunities. Oral comprehension, practical speaking ability, guided reading, writing, and grammar are stressed in support of communication skills. Authentic reading materials, increased listening skills are developed. Hispanic – Latino culture and history are included throughout the course with connections to targeted language skills.

The course is defined by the content standards of the Foreign Language Curriculum Framework for Spanish II and includes applications, problem solving, higher-order thinking skills, and performance based, open-ended assessments. Two years of the same foreign language is required by the Standards for Accreditation to be taught in NC public high schools. Spanish II may be used to partially fulfill this requirement.

Spanish III - Honors


This course focuses on student acquisition of extensive new vocabulary. Students participate in class activities designed to build skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening on a more sophisticated level than in previous courses. Reading and writing skills are emphasized during the semester.

By the end of the course, students should have attained Intermediate Low proficiency level.


AP Spanish Literature and Culture


Note: Students are required to take the AP exam.

The AP Spanish Literature and Culture course uses a thematic approach to introduce students to representative texts (short stories, novels, poetry, and essays) from Peninsular Spanish, Latin American, and United States Hispanic literature from medieval times to contemporary times. Students develop proficiency across the full range of communication modes (interpersonal, presentational, and interpretive), thereby honing their critical reading and analytical writing skills. Literature is examined within the context of its time and place, as students reflect on the many voices and cultures present in the required readings. The course also includes a strong focus on cultural connections and comparisons, including exploration of various media (e.g., art, film, articles, literary criticism). Students are assessed on works from the required reading list in both the interpretive and presentational modes of communication and students’ ability to analyze literature in context.


Spanish Heritage

This course is designed specifically for native or heritage speakers of Spanish who already have some oral language proficiency. The purpose of this course is to enable students to develop, maintain, and enhance their proficiency in the heritage language by providing them the opportunity to listen, speak, read, and write in a variety of contexts and for a variety of audiences, including the family, school, and the immediate community. The course will allow students to explore the cultures that use Spanish, including their own, and it will enable students to gain a better understanding of the nature of their own language as well as other languages to be acquired. Language of instruction is Spanish. Language of instruction is Spanish. Class will be in Spanish.


Students will be able to:

Utilize language to strengthen interdisciplinary knowledge

Become lifelong learners of languages and cultures

Listen, speak, read, and write in social, academic, and career-oriented situations

Appreciate and understand one’s native/heritage culture and build a foundation to understand other world cultures

Understand, analyze, and evaluate:

Ø information

Ø all types of media

Ø literary and informational texts

Respond and express oneself critically in relation to:

Ø information

Ø all types of media

Ø literary and informational texts

Increase the stages of text complexity through the study of the various native languages

Increase college readiness through:

Ø writing argumentative essays

Ø researching different media types

Ø citing sources

Ø reading literature and informational texts


Tutoring for Spanish I will be available in the morning every day, unless I am on duty


Tutoring for Spanish III and AP  


Tutoring for Heritage I and II will be available in the morning every day, unless I am on duty

Buen Viaje textbook online for Spanish I




Buen Viaje textbook online for Spanish III




Free Tutorials


For pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, quizzes, practice and prepare for class



Verb practice/ Full Conjugation

Practice conjugating in a specific Tense. Enter and infinitive and get all of its conjugations. Practice Spanish with short video clips.



Spanish dictionary

Good translator also verb conjugator