Singer, Muriel - French

Globe.pngBonjour and bienvenue!

Virtual Days
My office hours are 8am to 2pm daily.
We will be using Google classroom to access learning and Remind to communicate. Please contact me with questions. 

Remind info:
1st period French 1:phone number is 81010 → type @ fk4e9b
3rd period French 2:phone number is 81010 → type @ k9hg22
4th period French 1:
phone number is 81010 → type @ 7bh8hff

Now a little about me.  I am a graduate of James Madison University. (B.A. French, Sociology), Buena Vista University (Spanish, Education), and William Penn University (ELL).
I Have adult daughters who live in the Philadelphia area.  
I love to knit and sew!!
I live in Flat Rock with my husband and bulldog, KoKo.  My puppy KoKo