Digital Studying and Resources


  • This website features explanations and practice for nearly every topic we'll cover in class. You'll have to do a little bit of exploring since it's not in the same order as class, but it's almost all there! Just let me know if you need help.


  • Quizlet - Vocabulary Flashcards

    This is a great resource for students to use at home to study their vocabulary. Search for "Buen Viaje" (our textbook series) and Level 1 (Spanish I), Level 1 or 2 (Spanish II, depending on where we are in the semester), Level 2 (Spanish III), or Level 3 (Spanish IV), then select the chapter we are on. Students can choose to be shown Spanish or English first, play games to help them review, and use a feature where a word is spoken to them and they can practice spelling.
  • Word Reference

    Great online Spanish-English dictionary.