R Phillips

AP Stat Course Requirements/Expectations


Welcome to Advanced Placement Statistics!  I am looking forward to working with you this year. 




The standard materials will be required for Stats:  3-Ring Binder, loose leaf paper, pencils, graphing calculator (preferably TI 84+).  Other items you should include are colored pencils or pens.


Grading and Assignments:

Your grade will be based on an accumulation of points.  Points come from homework, reading quizzes, lesson quizzes, tests, participation, and projects.  Do your homework thoughtfully and completely and get help when you do not understand.  I will be available before and after school for help. Please ask for help before you get frustrated.  I want you to have a successful year and will do everything I can to help you. 





Students should expect to have some type of assignment every day.  However, reading assignments will always need to be done as they are assigned.  When discussion begins the next day in class, a student will be at a disadvantage if they have not read the previous day’s reading assignment. 


Students will be required to take the AP Statistics Exam at the end of the year.  My goal is that each student enrolled in the class performs well enough on the exam to receive college credit.  However, each student must accept responsibility for their own success.  It will be imperative that students be sure to keep up each day and seek help as it is needed.  Although I expect you to be in class daily, you will be responsible for whatever work you missed and any quizzes or test should be made up within three days. 


You are expected to be in your seat when the bell rings and I will follow the tardy policy in the school handbook.  To be counted present you must be in class a minimum of 2/3 of the class time.  Seniors are allowed 2 college days and you must follow the procedure to have them counted as college days.


There is a class exam first semester.  After the AP Stat Exam in May we WILL continue to do assignments, projects and activities related to statistics!