Essentials of College Math

Essentials of College Math
Mr. Napoleon A. Montero III
Room 2005
Course Description
This course is for students that will be continuing on to a four or two-year college or university but might not be ready for college mathematics, yet. This course will be readdressing all the mathematical topics needed to be successful in a college mathematics setting. The topics will include Algebra, Geometry, and Statistics.
To ensure academic rigor, relevance, and to guarantee supportive relationships for each student,

Students Must:
Demonstrate content mastery and application of appropriate skills and critical thinking.
Become engaged learners who actively and responsibly participate in the learning process.
Raise questions, solve problems, think, reason, and reflect.

I will provide opportunities for the following:
Problem-seeking and problem-solving
Participation in scholarly and creative processes
Use of imagination
Critical analysis and application
Personalized learning experiences
Learning to accept constructive criticism
Becoming a reflective thinker
Becoming an initiator of learning

Grading System: 
Daily Assignments
Unit Tests
Final Exam

Supply List:
3-ring notebook/binder
Graphing Calculator
Compass, Ruler, Protractor
Box of tissues

Expectations and Policies:

Attendance is a vital part of student success. I encourage all students to be in class on time every day. All students are given a maximum of 5 absences only for the entire semester. It is his/her responsibility to make-up work when he/she is absent. I am available for consultation before/after classes. 
Tardy Policy: 
Student must be in the room before the bell rings.
1st tardy -Warning 
2nd tardy - Minor referral, and parent notification
3rd tardy - Minor referral, detention and parent notification.
4th Tardy and beyond- ODR (office discipline referral; major offense) and parent notification

Hall Pass:
Students may only go out of the room during the class session for the following reasons: emergency bathroom break, office appointment. Each student has 9 hall passes per 9 weeks. Only ONE student is allowed to go out of the room at a time. Please avoid going out during the first or last 5 minutes of class. Students must sign out and take the hall pass.

Electronic Devices Policy:
No one is allowed to use his/her cellphone or any electronic devices during class session, except when instructed. All cellphones must be placed in the cellphone station before the start of the class. Anyone caught using his/her cellphone will be dealt with appropriate consequence.

All students are expected to follow all school rules, be decent human beings, and behave appropriately at all times. Disrespect will not be tolerated. If you choose to sleep in class I will wake you up and make sure you are ok once, after that you will have to find a way to make up missed instruction on your own time. If you are not feeling well, let me know before class starts and we can make arrangements. If you choose to break school rules or disrupt class, then your actions will be dealt with appropriately and could involve one of the following:
Minor Referral
Afterschool detention
Office Referral

We will be working in pairs/groups on assignments and investigation. Always check your grade in PowerSchool and let me know if you have questions. It is important that we are all active respectful participants in learning. We will work to learn daily and welcome all that enter this room with respect. 

The best way to contact me is email. I normally respond within 24 hours.