Course Overview

American History I

- American History I is your introduction to the rich history of the United States of America.  This is the first half of a survey course that you will complete as Juniors.  American History I will cover the history of the earliest colonists, the founding of our national government, the Constitution, and early US History up through the Civil War and the Reconstruction years that follow.  You will study the presidencies of the first 17 US presidents as well as domestic and foreign policies of the time, along with why those decisions were made.

American History II
- American History II will guide students from the late nineteenth century through the early twenty first century. Students will examine the political, economic, social and cultural of the United States from the end of Reconstruction through to present times. 
Civics and Economics

- Civics and Economics is your introduction to the vast knowledge of government, economy, and their principles. Our studies will encompass a number of topics from state and local government, federal government, how they interact, and how and why people make the economic choices that they make.