Houston, Thomas - Automotive

Hello My Name Is...

Thomas Houston 
Automotive Program Instructor


Mr. Houston

I began my teaching career in 2017, after 23 years of experience in the automotive industry.  I have worked in a private automotive shop, government fleet management, and a dealership.  

I currently hold active certifications from Automotive Service Excellence (ASE):
Master Automobile Technician
Auto Advanced Engine Performance Specialist
Auto Maintenance and Light Repair

Automotive Program Goals:

A.  Provide Western North Carolina with employees who are technically competent and possess the skills necessary to compete in this growing industry.

B.  Provide students with a solid foundation consisting of:  Safety knowledge and skills; automotive repair knowledge and skills; practical knowledge of tools and equipment used in the industry.

C.  Encourage students to further their automotive education and ASE certification through local community colleges, specialty schools, or training centers.

D.  For each student to become productive citizens in our community who are well trained and well compensated.

Did You Know?

The TC Roberson Automotive Program is also served by an Advisory Committee.  The committee consists of volunteers from the automotive industry.  Examples might include local technicians, local shop owners, local service managers, operations managers from the automotive industry, and even former students.  

The Advisory Committee meets periodically throughout the year to assist in assessing if the program is meeting goals, has the tools and equipment necessary to prepare students for the automotive industry, and advocate for the automotive program.