Math II Rules and Procedures

Mr. Hord



Welcome to Math II Honors!  In this course we will discover and apply many different concepts while integrating information learned in previous math classes.  The curriculum involves using many tools to investigate on the concrete level before moving on to the abstract concepts of mathematics.  My goal for this course is to teach students how to think incrementally, mathematically and pictorially. 



Your grade will be a combination of tests, quizzes, homework, and projects.


Tests: Tests will always be announced and worth 100 points each. We will have a test covering each unit and these will always be preceded by two review days.  You must complete a review assignment for each unit.  This is due the day of the test and will count as part of your test grade.


Quizzes: Quizzes can be announced or unannounced and are worth 20 to 30 points each.  You should expect at least one quiz every week.


Homework: Homework will be assigned most days and reviewed the next day in class.  Each problem is different so you are expected to try each one.  It is your responsibility to correct all homework problems in your notebook for homework quizzes.  These quizzes will be taken at random.  The quiz questions will direct you to certain problems in your notebook to be transferred to your quiz paper.  This will be done without the book or calculator so be sure to label all assignments carefully.  You must show your work –no work, no credit!!  I consider it cheating if you copy someone else’s homework.


Projects: There will be many different projects assigned throughout the year.  You will complete these at home, but they will give you a chance to be creative! 



Nine weeks grades are based on a numeric average which will be used to calculate the final course grade. Students must take a teacher made final exam which is 25% of the final grade average.





Extra Help

I am available to provide extra help and answer questions during office hours everyday.


Classroom Management

You should be in your seat ready to begin class when the bell rings.  When I am speaking to the class, I expect you to listen and not speak.  When I am not addressing the class, you are free to move around the room as necessary (to sharpen pencils and so forth).  Respect others and the learning environment at all times.  You are not to leave the classroom without my permission and a passAll school rules apply.


Discipline Plan

All discipline will be handled in accordance with the TC Roberson discipline policy.


I believe every student can learn and be successful.  I will be glad to help – but you must ask! The responsibility for your success depends on you.


Please sign your name on the next page indicating that you have read and understand the rules of the class.  Take this home and have at least one of your parents/guardians sign indicating that she/he has read these rules.  Keep these rules in the front of your notebook all year – it will be part of your notebook grade!