College Recommendation Form

Letter of Recommendation Request for Ms. Hallman

If you would like a college or scholarship recommendation, please fill in the google form linked below as completely as you can. I need at least a two week window from when you finish the form to finish the recommendation. Once I have written one, I can easily modify it for other schools and scholarships.

Be as detailed and thoughtful in your responses as possible.  Most importantly, I’d like for you to include a few stories/incidents in some of your responses. Examples: If you have had a transformation, was there a moment that you recall where this change started happening? Describe that moment and contextualize it. If you helped students outside of class, talk about why you did that and maybe write a short paragraph describing the scenario if it was memorable.

I write good recommendations, but the great ones are the ones with stories and details to help you stand out to a reviewer.  The more thought you put into this, the better the letter that I can write. 

It is your responsibility to remind me of all deadlines!

Click this link for the Google Form  Recommendation Form H