Work-based Learning Program - Internship/Apprenticeship



Participants are required to do the following:


        Requirements                                                                    Criteria


Be an upperclassman

Junior or Senior

Be in good academic standing

Reviewed at the Interview

Have good attendance profile

Maintain a good attendance record, not only at school but also on the job.

Have a good discipline profile

Conform to the rules and regulations of school and training station.

Have reliable transportation

Have transportation to and from the training station.


Student Responsibilities-

Identify possible placement site

Be able to tell the Career Development Coordinator where possible work site is located (Work site must be a valid learning opportunity in relation to student pathway)

Complete Work-Based Learning Application

All applications should be completed and returned to the Career Development Coordinator

Complete activities within work-based learning experience

Written and verbal requirements:  time sheets, Moodle assignments, final presentations, etc.

Represent school well

Dress appropriately; conduct self in a businesslike manner; be prompt, courteous, and groomed according to the training supervisor’s requirements.

Communicate with Career Development Coordinator regularly

Turn in required materials and inform Career Development Coordinator of any issues that may arise. Also attend scheduled meetings with the Career Development Coordinator


Site Responsibilities-

Assist with development of  Skills Development Plan

Assist the student in accomplishing his/her goals by developing a Skills Development Plan (an outline of tasks & responsibilities)

Evaluate student learner

Evaluate the student’s performance each grading period. Evaluation counts as 70% of the internship grade

Communicate with school

Communicate with Career Development Coordinator whenever needed

Provide a safe and effective learning environment

Ensure that the student works in a safe environment and provide him/her with variety of learning experiences that will offer a broad view of the site’s entire operation.

Establish schedule for student learner

Ensure that student learner has opportunity to earn 135 contact hours


Parent and School Responsibilities-

Communicate on a regular basis

The school and the parent should remain in regular contact to ensure proper supervision of student

Insurance and transportation

It is the responsibility of the parent to provide personal or school health insurance and reliable transportation for the student

Supervise work-based learner

It is the responsibility of the Career Development Coordinator to visit the site to ensure proper placement and safety of the student. The coordinator will review the time sheets and be responsible for the assignment of a grade.