Class Expectations

English II/ English II H & English IV/ English IV Honors


Mrs. Carol Beth Fouts


Class Rules and Expectations


I.  BE RESPECTFUL: Disrespect directed at anyone will not be tolerated.  Disrespectful behaviors include talking while the teacher is talking/instructing, talking while another classmate is talking, or talking during announcements.  Any disruption, talking back, arguing or failure to follow directions are considered disrespectful behaviors and will not be allowed.


II. BE PREPARED:    Students are expected to bring necessary materials to each class which include the following: assignments, notebooks, self-selected reading materials, text books, and  writing utensils.  No student will be excused to retrieve materials.


III. BE ORGANIZED: Each student is required to have a large three ring binder (1 ½- 2 inches). This notebook is for ENGLISH ONLY.  Do not keep other course materials in the English notebook.  The binder will have five tabbed dividers which are to be labeled as follows:

              1.  Language 2. Reading-informational  3.  Reading-Literature                          4. Writing  5.  Vocabulary.

Use only loose leaf paper.  Spiral notebook paper is not acceptable.  A grade for English  notebooks will be given every two weeks and will count as a project grade=2 times.  Follow directions carefully on the notebooks.  You decide your grade.


IV. BE ON TASK: Each student is to be seated* by the tardy bell.  Daily journal topics and  quotations will be on the board to begin class.  Each student is expected to participate and pay attention.  Note taking is mandatory. Notes will be checked periodically without notice.  Sleeping in class is an automatic detention.





By deciding not to follow all class rules and expectations, students choose the following actions:


1.  Verbal warning

2.  After school detention (30 minutes: 3:05-3:35) in my room with cleaning assignment

3.  Parent notification

4.  Referral to administration

5.  Attendance in time-out








 Grading Policy


Nine weeks grades will consist of daily homework grades, daily class work, quizzes, vocabulary tests, projects, and unit tests.  Daily homework, class work, quizzes, and vocabulary tests will be averaged separately from projects and unit tests.  The averages of daily grades and daily class work will be 1/4 of the grade.  The average of quizzes, tests, vocabulary tests will be 1/4 of the grade.  Projects and Unit tests, including Notebooks, will be averaged as ½ of the nine weeks grade.  A progress report will be sent home mid nine weeks to be signed.  This signed progress report will count as a test grade.  The final course grade will be determined by averaging both nine week grades and the final exam grade.  For every day a homework assignment is late, 10 points will be deducted from your grade.  Projects and Notebooks may not be turned in late.  Make up work for being absent will follow the guidelines set forth in the student handbook.  First nine weeks= 25%, second nine weeks= 25%, Graduation Project= 25%, Final Exam= 25%.



Note: Cooperation is imperative for your success as well as the success of your classmates.  No one student has the right to deny his/her classmates the opportunity to learn.  By adhering to the rules and expectations of the class, each student will find learning to be a challenge as well  as an accomplishment.  Expectations are high, but you can meet them.  Good luck and remember, “Asking for help is a sign of strength.” 





I have read and understand the class room rules/expectations/consequences

and grading policy for Mrs. Fouts’s English class.               



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