Course Overview

Online Textbook

Course Objectives: To introduce students to the methods of science, create a strong foundation in science, and to critically observe and interpret natural phenomena.

Required Materials:

  • three ring binder
  • colored pencils
  • ruler


Tests/Projects 100 points
Notebook 50 points (checked twice each six weeks)
Homework 20 points (checked daily, but points awarded twice each six weeks)
Quizzes/Labs 10-50 points

Keeping a well organized notebook is essential for success in my class.  The assignments are recorded daily on the table of contents, given a page number, and then filed in order in the notebook.  Notebooks are checked twice per six weeks.  Students are responsible for all work that has been assigned in class or for homework.  If a student is absent they are required to check the table of contents and make up any missing work.  There are generally two or more chapter tests per six weeks.  I will give at least three days notice before each test. 


1st Six Weeks:

Chapter 1: Scientific Methods
Chapter 2: Maps
Chapter 3: Chemistry

2nd Six Weeks:

Chapter 4: Minerals
Chapter 5: Igneous Rocks
Chapter 6: Sedimentary and Metamorphic Rocks

3rd Six Weeks:

Chapter 17: Plate Tectonics
Chapter 18: Volcanoes
Chapter 19: Earthquakes

4th Six Weeks:

Chapter 20: Mountain Building *if time permits*
Chapter 21: Geologic Time
Chapter 11: The Atmosphere

5th Six Weeks:

Chapter 12: Weather
Chapter 13: Storms

6th Six Weeks:

Chapter 29: Earth/Sun/Moon
Chapter 30: The solar system
Chapter 31: Stars/Galaxies