Teacher Cadet Honors

Teacher Cadet 1 Honors:
This course engages students to learn about themselves, children of all ages, the teaching profession, and more.  Students work collaboratively with me to explore concepts in education, culture, and life to develop a better understanding of themselves as learners and as possible teachers. The course includes observations and direct work with younger students in a multiple week field experience.  Teacher Cadets must be responsible, respectful, and willing to engage in a classroom setting (typically at Estes or Koontz).  This course is limited to Juniors and Seniors. 

Teacher Cadet 2 Honors: 
This course has a prerequisite of Teacher Cadet 1.  Students in Teacher Cadet 2 will complete an extended practicum experience in a classroom setting assisting teachers and facilitating student learning. 

Please email me with any questions about the Teacher Cadet program at dayna.ferguson@bcsemail.org