Post High School Planning Resources for Students and Parents
General Resources for Parents of TCR Students- Link

Financial Aid Information:
2018-2019 Information regarding the FASFA and CSS Profile 
-Basic information about what the FASFA and CSS Profile are, how to file, and the information that you will need to complete them

AB Tech Resources: 
AB Tech is a well regarded community college which offers many certification programs and Associate Degree programs.  You can learn more about programs and starting salaries on their website.

Academic Programs Offered

Application Link

Resources Regarding 4 Year Colleges and Universities:

Most 4 year colleges and universities require that you complete 3 sciences beyond Earth Science to be considered for admission.  I would recommend that you check the admission requirements of the schools that you have in mind to ensure that you take the requisite science courses to be considered for admission.

Minimum Application Requirements for the UNC System (remember that Earth Science is required for high school graduation, but is not typically considered a lab science)

Charlotte Observer Article (June 2016): How hard it to get in to each UNC system school?

30 Best Value Colleges and Universities in North Carolina 2018

18 Schools That Meet Full Financial Need Without Loans - US News 9/18/18

College Entrance Exams:
The ACT and SAT are both college entrance exams. 

Science ACT Prep. Strategies and Tips for Success with the the Science portion of the ACT- Link

Students at TCR take the PreACT in the fall of their Sophomore year and the ACT in the spring of their Junior year. 
Booklets with general information and practice question sets are available in the main counseling office.  For general information about the ACT you can follow this link.