Student Information Page + supplies lists

European History AP Student Information Sheet and Contract


Student Name: _____________________________ (Please Print)


Instructions:  Students will turn in the student information page, academic information page, and signed AP World History Contract pages for a homework grade.  I will make copies for my records and then return the packet for students to keep in their notebooks. 

Classroom Rules!

  1. Be in your seat when the tardy bell rings.
  2. Respect all people’s opinions and personal property.
  3. Bring proper materials to class each day. (Textbook, Paper, Pen, and Notebook)
  4. No Talking while Mr. Feid is talking or during school announcements.
  5. All School rules apply
  6. No Food in classroom (drinks are allowed, but please recycle in bins)
  7. No Cell phones in class (Turn off upon entering class)
  8. No Music devices of any kind

Specific Electronics Policy:

In recent years electronic devices have become increasingly disruptive in the classroom.   Cell phones and music devices are increasingly responsible for student’s troubles, for example cheating in class and lack of paying attention and missed assignments.  As a result I am laying out a more specific policy on electronic devices and will be intolerant with violations.    There will be no cell phone use in class.  No texting, snap-chat, instagram, or any other use of cell phones.  There will be no use of I-pods or other music devices in class.  It is rude to classmates and insulting to the instructor when students are more concerned with their cell phones than they are with class.  The student handbook gives me the authority to take-up these devices if seen in class.  I will return them to the student after the bell rings to dismiss them from class.  If the problem continues, I will follow the school handbook which then results in the confiscated cell phone being taken to an administrator and parents being required to pick them up from the administration.  On the occasion that an electronic device might be used in the learning environment, for example student research, I will give specific instructions for their approved use.

Textbook Reading Instructions!

Students are expected to read the textbook at least one day in advance of the day’s lessons and are to be prepared to participate in the class discussions. I have posted a course syllabus on the T.C. Roberson webpage under my staff page and on the class moodle and will post a daily reading assignment on the white board in the front of the room.  Students are highly encouraged to keep a day-planner of assignments.  The World Civilization text and The Human Record supplemental readers will be provided, however, many students have found that purchasing these texts and highlighting in them has been helpful.  The novel “Sins of the Fathers” will need to be purchase and will not be provided.

  • “A History of Western Society”, 11th edition, McKay, Crowston, Wiesner-Hanks, and Perry.  Bedford Martins Publishing, 2014  ISBN# 978-1-4576-7710-6
  • The Human Record “Sources of Global History,” 5th edition. Vol. I +II, Alfred Andrea and James Overfield.  Houghton Mifflin Company, 2005  ISBN# 0-618-37040-4, ISBN# 0-618-37041-2
  • “The Prince,” Niccolo Machiavelli – any of the translations will do fine

Grading System!

Grades will be based on a one hundred point system.  As is traditional with a college course, the number of overall grades will be reduced. All homework, Reading and Quiz grades will be combined into one single grade which will count as a test grade.   Essays and Projects will count two times.  Unit Tests will count three times.  Averages will be determined by adding up the total number of points achieved by the student and then dividing by the number of assignments.  The grading scale used is the one found in your student handbooks.  I do not curve grades, and I do not allow extra credit.  Students will receive the grade that they earn.

Grading Scales

The standard school grading scale will be used (100-90 = A, 89-80 = B, 79-70 = C, 69-60 = D, 59-0 = F,) for all class related, quizzes, and tests work.   Essays will be graded using the 7 point scale released by the College Board website if it is a Document Based Question and an 8 point scale for the Long Essay format.  These will be converted into a 100 point scale for the purposes of averaging grades.  (7/8 =100, 6/7 = 96, 5/6 = 92, 4/5 = 88, 3/4 = 84, 2/3 = 80, 1/2 = 76, 1 = 72)

Tests and Essays:

Tests will consist of primarily multiple choice questions that will be taken from textbook materials as well as released AP examinations.  In addition to tests a primary focus will be on writing for the AP examination.  Students will construct many DBQ essays or Thematic essays either in full or in part, depending on the assignment.

Late Work!

Students are expected to turn assignments in on time.  Remember, this is a college atmosphere classroom.  However, work may be turned in one day late with a 20% penalty taken off of the grade.  But…I am reasonable.  Talk with me if you need extra considerations.  “I forgot” is not and extra consideration.  Because of this, I consider a day planner or personal device an important part of student success.  This will be the one exception to the earlier mentioned electronics policy.  Personal Devices can be an excellent use of technology in this case. 


Students should keep a notebook of notes, homework, essays and tests.  Students will need to purchase a three ring binder with a minimum of 2” inch rings, as well as dividers for up to ten units. 

Testing and Test Corrections!

Tests will consist of a combination of essays and multiple choice questions.  Several of the test questions will come from previously completed units to ensure that students are remembering important information.  However, a student can not be considered to have truly mastered and learned the material until they have corrected their mistakes.  Therefore, no evaluation is considered to be complete until the student has corrected their mistakes to the satisfaction of the teacher.  Doing “corrections” is an integral part of the learning experience and is not an option.  Students will be expected to look up the answer in their textbook and in their own words explain the correct answer.  Students must write their corrections using complete sentences and correct grammar and indicated the page number from the text where correct answer was found.  Because I do not release my tests questions, students will need to expect to spend time before or after school completing test corrections.

List of Class Supplies:

Because of budget issues over the last few years and cutbacks in funding, these are the items that I will need students to have with them for class.  I have some classroom supplies to work with, but as they run out, I may not be able to get more.

  1. Loose Leaf Notebook paper (lined) – No spiral notebooks please
  2. One pack of crayola Colored Pencils
  3. Subject dividers
  4. One pack of crayola markers
  5. 3 ring binder (2” rings)
  6. One black fine tipped sharpee marker
  8. Student Name: ________________________________________ 

Email mailing:

Something that I will be doing this year is to put together a periodic mass email that I will send out so that parents will have the opportunity to see what it is that the class is up to.  I envision this working something like a “newsletter” with schedule updates and important future assignments.  If you would like to be included in the emailing please include your emails (neatly printed) on the line below. 

Parent email - (Please print parent names and emails neatly and feel free to add multiple emails): _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Parent phone contacts (Please add any home, cell, or work numbers):  ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

 Student email:  __________________________________________________________________________