Diaz, Miguel - Biomedical Sciences

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Mr. Diaz


I was born and raised in California. After high school I joined the Army as a Combat Medic. I earned my degree in biology and teaching license at UNCAsheville. This is my fourth year teaching. I teach Biomedical Technologies, Health Science I, and PLTW: Principles of Biomedical Sciences. I look forward in continuing to develop the PLTW: Biomedical Science pathway here at TCR.

Virtual Office Hours:
      8:30-9:00, 2:00-2:30, and after each synchronize time period

Email: miguel.diaz@bcsemail.org

Learning Management Systems:
     Health Science I - Google Classroom and Canvas (Honors only)
     PLTW: Principles of Biomedical Science - Google Classroom and Inkling
Beginning August 17th, Assignments will be posted for you to complete. Even though you have not been to my class, you are expected to complete these assignments.

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