Virtual Day Need to Knows

As we look to the future and the need to communicate and access information virtually, here are the various ways that Mrs Charette's Biology students can stay on top of their school work.  

REMIND:  Each class has a REMIND, as far as I know every student has already enrolled. If you have not or you are a parent that would also like to get updates, the following codes can be used. 

To enroll text the following codes to 81010, 
AP Biology  - @7h7f3c  or Biology (both 3rd and 4th) - @c4a7be2

I will likely use Remind  when a test may be happening or for general reminders about getting assignments turned in by a certain already determined due date. 

I encourage parents and students to use REMIND to contact me at any time with questions or concerns so that we can work through any unforeseen challenges together. 

GOOGLE CLASSROOM: This will be our classroom for the next few weeks, each student should check here daily for assignments and updates. I will continue to use the "classwork" tab to organize information and assign tasks. I am working on the idea of using the "stream" as a place for student collaboration and questions. Again, I am  fairly sure all students are enrolled in the Google Classroom, however just  in case the enrollment codes are as follows.

AP Biology (cmpzsy4), 3rd period Biology (kgb5h4s) and 4th period Biology (p3q3edo)

EMAIL: I will check my email daily and often, this is always a great way to contact me and ask questions.

VIRTUAL OFFICE HOURS: I will be available every day between the hours of 11 - 3 as my designated office hours. However please feel free to contact me when you have a question, if I have a minute to respond I will. The office hours just mean that I will definitely respond right away, not that you cannot ask any other time.