How to Attend Class Virtually

As we continue this school year with the predominant mode of instruction being virtual, it is important to establish the ways in which we can communicate with each other. The following platforms will be used by myself, students and may be used by parents to connect, ask questions and collaborate.

REMIND: Each class has a REMIND that will be used by me to send general information and reminders that I need to ensure that everyone in the class is aware of. REMIND can also be used by students to communicate with me directly - ask a question, seek clarification, etc. REMIND can be used by parents to receive the same general information communications that their student will see and to communicate with me directly.

To enroll text the following codes to 81010, 

Biology Spring 2021: @aa288cg

AP Biology 2020-2021: @gfh6bc

I encourage parents and students to use REMIND to contact me at any time with questions or concerns so that we can work through any unforeseen challenges together. 

You may also enroll in Remind  through an email account if you would prefer. If you have questions or difficulties accessing REMIND please reach out to me via email ( and we will work it out together. 

GOOGLE CLASSROOM: This will be our virtual classroom for the duration of the semester and will play an integral role in lessons even if teaching shifts to more face to face instruction.  Each student should check here daily for assignments and updates.

I will use the “Stream” tab that loads initially when opening google classroom as a place to communicate announcements, clarifications or general housekeeping information. Students can use this tab to ask questions to which the entire class may benefit from seeing the answer. Questions asked here will be visible by other students and other students will be able to answer or comment on questions asked via this manner. 

****Private messaging is available within google classroom assignments, via email, or REMIND for questions that do not need to be visible by all students.****

 I will use the "Classwork" tab to organize our class into units, disperse information and assign tasks. Students will need to check this tab daily to determine what tasks need to be accomplished to keep them on track for success.

To enroll in the correct google classroom follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Open up the Google Classroom App
  2. Click the + sign in the upper right
  3. Choose “Join class”
  4. Use the class code that has been emailed to your school email address (email will be sent 1/4/2021)
***If you did not receive an email from me with the Google Classroom Code and are currently enrolled in my class please send me an email at the email address below.

EMAIL: I check my email daily and often, this is always a great way to contact me and ask questions.

VIRTUAL OFFICE HOURS: I will be available daily from 8:15 - 9:15  as my designated office hours. However please feel free to contact me when you have a question, if I have a minute to respond I will. The office hours just mean that I will definitely respond right away, not that you cannot ask any other time. 

DAILY ZOOM: Each class will have a required synchronous daily zoom on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at which attendance will be recorded. Wednesday will continue to be asynchronous where work will be posted and student's expected to complete for a grade. Our zoom link will be posted at the top of the classroom today within in our google classroom. Use this same link each day to attend class. The following are the times at which each class period will meet.

Second Period Biology:  Zoom starts at 10 o'clock

Third Period AP Biology - Zoom starts at 11:45
Fourth Period Biology - Zoom starts at 1:45