Current AP US History Unit Syllabus

APUS History Unit 3 Syllabus: A New Nation Emerges

Date                        Topic/Activities                                                                                                     Reading/Assignments

TH 9/9                    Unit 3 Introduction-the First 5 Presidencies                                                          AP Chap 10; Washington Article

                                Washington Power point                                                                                        Farewell Address Cartooning exercise

                                Getting to & Using the Moodle


F 9/10                      John Adams, the birth of political parties & partisanship                                     Adams Article

                                Reviewing the Farewell Address

Federalist #10-“Faction” => Disc. Sheet

The Presidency of John Adams Power Point

                                Political Party Packets=> Hamilton v Jefferson


M 9/13                    Political parties emerge; Hamilton v Jefferson                                                       AP Chap. 11, Jefferson article, The Duel PDF

                                Creating Visual Representations of Ham v Jeff                                                      Extra Credit: Jefferson Video

                                Venn/Double Bubble Graphic Organizer on Hamilton & Jefferson                       Extra Credit: Hamilton Video


T 9/14                     The Jeffersonian Presidency                                                                                   AP Chap 12, Marshall Article

                                “Jefferson” Graphic Acrostic                                                                                 Marshall Worksheets (Moodle)



W 9/15                    Role of the Judiciary in the Early National Period                                                 Monroe Doctrine WS (Moodle)            

                                Marshall Pwr Pnt

                                John Marshall Visual Metaphor Assignment


TH 9/16                  Madison, The War of 1812, Monroe & the Rising Tide of Nationalism               Nationalism Exercise (Moodle)

                                Madison/Monroe Pwr Pnt

                                Multi-Flow Map-War of 1812

                                Monroe Doctrine=>Bush Doctrine

                                Unit 2 Test Corrections Due!


F 9/17                      Discovering Early 19th Century Nationalism Computer Scavenger Hunt              Personal Side of Dev. People Article


M 9/20                    Compile Nationalism Projects (NO COMPUTERS!)

                                Reviewing Early 19th C Nationalism=>Acrostic Activity

                                Early Release Day


T 9/21                     Introducing National History Day

                                Meet in the Media Center


W 9/22                    National History Day Research/Work Day

                                Meet in the Media Center


TH 9/23                  What does Everyday Early National Society Look Like?

                                Examining the Social Side of early 19th C America-Poster Activity

                                Bring Printed Copy of “Personal Side of a Developing People” Article to class!!!

                                Review Strategies


F 9/24                      MC Test (85 Minute Time Limit)                     

M 9/27                    Essay Test (Choice-You will write on one of two DBQ’s & Construct a 2nd Thesis)

                                Unit 3 Notebooks Due

NOTE: Multiple Choice Test will NOT be on 1st 6 weeks due to corrections, Essay Test & Notebooks WILL be on 1st 6 WILL be on 1st 6 weeks


Unit totals:

Text: 3 chapters; 10, 11, 12                                                                   Power Point/Lectures: 5

Extra Readings: 7                                                                                 -Washington

-Washington Article                                                                                -Adams

-Adams Article                                                                                       -Hamilton/Jefferson

-Jefferson Article                                                                                    -Marshall

-Duel Article                                                                                           -Madison/Monroe

-Political Parties Primary Source Packet                                                Extra Credit Video Notes: 2

-Marshall Article                                                                                    -“Thomas Jefferson”

-Personal Side of a Devel People Article                                                -“Alexander Hamilton”

Work Sheets: 3

-Federalist #10 Disc. Sheet

-Marshall Worksheet

-Monroe Doctrine Worksheet
APUS History Unit 3 Vocabulary (105)

Henry Knox                                             Edmund Randolph                                    Judiciary Act of 1789

Federal court system                                                Supreme Court                                         infant industries

French Revolution                                   Proclamation of Neutrality (1793)          Citizen Edmund Genet

Jay Treaty (1794)                                    Pinckney’s Treaty (1795)                       right of deposit

Battle of Fallen Timbers                          Treaty of Greenville (1795)                     Whiskey Rebellion (1794)

Public Land Act (1796)                            Federalist party                                        Democratic-Republican party

Washington’s farewell address                  two term tradition                                    “permanent alliances”

John Adams (as president)                        XYZ Affair                                              Alien & Sedition Acts

Kentucky & Virginia Resolutions                             Revolution of 1800                                  Thomas Jefferson (as president)

Louisiana Purchase                                   Napoleon Bonaparte                                                Toussaint L’Overture

Lewis & Clark Expedition                        John Marshall                                          judicial review

Marbury v Madison                                  Aaron Burr                                               “quids”

Barbary pirates                                         impressment                                            Chesapeake-Leopard affair

Embargo Act (1807)                                                James Madison (as president)                   Non-intercourse Act

Macon’s Bill no. 2                                   Tecumseh & the prophet                         William Henry Harrison

Battle of Tippecanoe                                               war hawks                                                                Henry Clay

John C. Calhoun                                       War of 1812                                            “Old Ironsides”

Battle of Lake Erie                                  Oliver Hazard Perry                                 Battle of the Thames River

Thomas Macdonough                                               Battle of Lake Champlain                        Francis Scott Key

“Star Spangled Banner”                            Andrew Jackson (as war hero)                  Battle of Horseshoe Bend

Creek nation                                            Battle of New Orleans                                              Treaty of Ghent (1814)

Hartford Convention (1814)                    “Era of Good Feelings”                            sectionalism

James Monroe                                          cultural nationalism                                  economic nationalism

Tariff of 1816                                         Henry Clay’s American System                                2nd Bank of the US

Panic of 1819                                          Marshall Court                                         Fletcher v Peck

McCulloch v Maryland                             Dartmouth College v Woodward                              Gibbons v Ogden

Implied powers                                         necessary and proper clause                      Tallmadge amendment

Missouri Compromise (1820)                   Treaty of 1818                                        Florida Purchase Treaty (1819)

Monroe Doctrine (1823)                         Lancaster Turnpike                                  National (Cumberland) Road

Erie Canal                                                                Robert Fulton (steam power)                    railroads

Eli Whitney (cotton gin)                         Samuel Slater                                            Factory system

Lowell System                                          industrialization                                       specialization

Alexander Hamilton                                 Hamilton’s financial system                     1st bank of the US

Nullification                                             mosquito fleet                                          Zebulon Pike

Sacajawea                                                 Cohens v Virginia                                     Daniel Webster