The Cookie Factory

Sweet Treats for a Sweet Cause
Last Wednesday morning, Annie woke up and told her mom, "I want to bake cookies."  That's because she had spent the previous afternoon doing just that.

Our class has been spending Tuesday afternoons in the Independent Living House baking pre-made cookies to sell.  Each student has a specific job -- from putting the dough onto the cookie sheets, to removing them to cool, and finally to putting them in baggies ready for sale.  The activity teaches life skills such as kitchen safety and baking skills, as well as teamwork skills.  The project benefits our class by raising money for the numerous projects and activities that require materials.

Naudikah noted that something important that she learned is that "It's really important to wash your hands."  Students also wear food service gloves during the process.

Eventually, we'll start making our cookies from scratch, so our process will be longer.  Students will at some point be assigned to go to the store with our job coach to purchase supplies, so budgeting and shopping skills will come into the mix.

Staff and students can purchase our cookies after school every Tuesday in the bus lobby behind the office for $1.00.

Lindsey, Ben, and Branson at work bagging cookies.

They're delicious, and support a great cause!