Smooth Sailing!

We're rolling right along in class!  It's taken awhile to build a structure that works, and we're finding that every time we figure out how it's going to go, something changes.  However, with your support and your students' patience, things have settled in nicely, and we're having some pretty smooth days.

There's been so much happening, from class cooking projects to crafts to activities in electives -- I hope you feel like your students are having busy and productive days; we sure feel busy and productive.  It's been great, too, to see some parents at meetings and getting input from the people who have the biggest stake in their kids' educations.  Those ideas are going a long way towards helping me plan lessons and activities that will be IMPORTANT to your kids.

Please, keep the ideas coming, and know thatvmy door (and email and phone) are always open for feedback and advice!  

Some things I'm working on:
  • A page on my website with resources for you
  • Simulations and activities to teach real-life skills
  • A whole bunch of new work-based tasks for students to practice vocational skills
  • Keeping the millions of moving parts this class involves organized and efficient (all the thanks in the world to my amazing assistants in helping with this!)

Let me know if you've got things you'd like me to put into place!  I'll do my best!