Back To School!

We're Excited About the New School Year!
Posted on 08/23/2019
Our Class

We're all thrilled to be back at school!  

I, personally, am excited to have my assistants Dani Scilex and Galina Fesyuk back in our class.  I'm also looking forward to a number of exciting and educational experiences that we have planned for our class.  Most of all, though, I'm glad to see the kids again.

Galina is excited to see all the changes the kids have and will go through.   Dani is excited about baking a lot with them this year.

What is everyone else excited about or looking forward to?

Ricky and Lindsey are both looking forward to doing art projects.  Lindsey is also excited about dance parties and the Independent Living House.  Annie is excited about the "living house," too.

Jayden, who loves drones and cameras, is interested in the technology possibilities at school.

Christopher is excited about hugs and love from his teachers.  Ben is excited about back scratches and movies.  

Branson looks forward to all the social stuff -- making new friends and hanging out with his old friends during his  final year of high school.  Nicholas is also looking forward to being with his friends again.  He is excited about working to reach the goals he has set for himself.

It's going to be a great year -- for all of us!