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Kristan Bigelow
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I’m a transplant to Western North Carolina; I grew up in Michigan and earned a BA in Special Education from Michigan State University in 1990. I taught in Texas for a few years before returning “home” and teaching in Fruitport, MI for 10 years. I came to TC in May of 2005, and I think I’ve truly found my niche.  

In 2014, I earned my National Board Certification in Exceptional Children. 

I have 2 great boys of my own who both are TCR graduates. Stephan is a teacher, as well, teaching Latin at Atkins Academic and Technology High School in Winston-Salem. Donovan is a graduate of UNCA with a degree in Mass Communications. He now lives in Knoxville.

I started teaching the Intensive Intervention/Extended Content class in the fall of 2018.  It's been a constant work in progress.  I love the challenge, even if it makes me a little loopy sometimes.  I never imagined that I'd teach this population, let alone find that I would find it to be the most fulfilling and important experience of my entire career.  I hope to be providing positive opportunities for my students so that they may live to their full potential; without a doubt, though, their impact upon me has been just as great.  Every day I am grateful for and humbled by the lessons in what is really important that I receive from these amazing young people.

When I'm not working, I very much enjoy quiet, creative, and introspective endeavors.  I take long walks accompanied by great audiobooks, meditate and practice yoga (oh, how I miss going to in-person classes!), and during the enforced period of isolation, I've rekindled my love crochet and cross-stitch.