Virtual Classes

All communication will be through:


Google Classroom

Remind 101: students sent the code for their phones in Google Classroom

I will be available during the hours of 10-2 pm each day.  Students will be expected to do ~30 min-1 hour of coursework each day and submit assignments via Google Classroom.  I will also be implementing the use of Screencastify as a video platform to show examples, answer common questions, and just be available for student support.   

Please contact me with any questions you may have and I will be sure to check them as soon as possible.  As I will be pretty lenient with student work, please be lenient with me as this is a first time for all of us!  I also have high expectations for my students and will not assign work I believe is beyond their level of understanding.  Should an issue arise, please contact me and I will work to modify.