Student Dress Code

T.C. Roberson Dress Codes

Dress Code Overview

Following Buncombe County Schools Policy #4316, the T.C. Roberson High School dress code aims to maintain student safety, orderliness, and appearance appropriate for the school environment.  Roberson High School promotes the idea that in the larger arena of life, different types of dress are appropriate for different settings. School is a place where students are learning academic and social skills and student attire should be school appropriate. Students are respectfully asked and expected to adhere to the following dress code while on school property.

NOTE: All of the dress code applies to all students, male and female.

  1. Garments/items/accessories that are not appropriate for an educational setting will not be permitted.  
  2. Any garment/accessory/item displaying inappropriate language or images (profanity, gestures, sexual suggestions/insinuations, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, ethnic slurs, hate speech, slogans, symbols) as well as any accessory such as chains, jewelry or body bands with spikes or other dangerous objects that may lead to injury, disorder, disruption and/or disrespect are not permitted.
  3. Shoes should be worn at all times; bedroom slippers are not considered shoes.
  4. Clothing should cover all undergarments. Spaghetti strap shirts are not allowed. Tank tops are permitted as long as they do not expose cleavage and completely cover all undergarments. All shirts should cover cleavage and completely cover all undergarments. Muscle shirts/tank tops should fit tightly around the underneath of the arm so that excessive skin is not visible.  Low cut and/or cropped garments that show excessive skin/cleavage/abdomen will not be permitted. Sheer or open-back clothing that exposes undergarments are not permitted.
  5. Sagging pants, pajama type pants, and pants/garments with large holes, cuts, or slits above the knee will not be permitted.
  6. Tights/hose are not pants. Tights/hose are permitted when worn with tops/dresses that are no more than “4 finger-widths” above the knee while sitting, standing, or walking.  (Please note that leggings, which are more substantial than tights/hose, are allowable.)
  7. Skirts, dresses, and shorts are allowed as long as  students ensure that these garments are at mid-thigh while sitting, standing, or walking.  
  8. Garments/items/accessories that denote gang activity while on school campus/property (examples of such items include clothing, jewelry/other accessories, bandanas, notebooks, and symbols in which color, design, arrangement, representation, and trademark that may attribute to the disruption of the school climate or denote membership in a gang) are not allowed.
  9. Wearing hats, caps, and hoods while in the school building is not permitted.  Exceptions may be granted through administration for health reasons.
  10. Sunglasses may not be worn inside the building at any time unless the student has a documented prescribed health or physical need.
  11. Masks, temporary body art, face paint, and drawings on the body are not permitted.  Per NCHSAA no face/body paint is allowed at athletic events during regular season or playoffs. Tattoos should be covered if they are not appropriate for an educational setting.
  12. Costumes and accessories  worn for “spirit week” activities must meet dress code guidelines.


Students will be asked to correct dress code violation. The staff member addressing them will record the incident in Educator Handbook.

Students unable to correct violation will be allowed to call parent/visit clothing closet to obtain correct dress.

Students will not be allowed to leave campus to correct dress code violations.

Students unable/unwilling to correct dress will serve ISS.

Repeat offenders and/or severe violations may result in parent conference, ISS, OSS, and/or BCATS.