Attendance Policy

Buncombe County Schools

High School Attendance Policy

Grades 9-12

The Buncombe County Board of Education believes that regular school attendance is of crucial importance for education achievement, that learning experiences occurring in the classroom are essential components of the learning process, and that time lost from class tends to be irretrievable in terms of opportunity for instructional interaction. Therefore, each student should attend school every day. Further, the Board affirms that the primary responsibility for regular attendance resides with the parents/guardians and the individual student.

The Buncombe County Board of Education shall adhere to North Carolina State laws pertaining to the student attendance except to the extent that this policy imposes stricter regulations. Furthermore the Board is committed to the implementation of a student attendance policy that “prohibits discrimination”, discourages dropouts, and encourages regular attendance.

1. To obtain credit in a given class, a student must be in attendance for a minimum of 85 days. A student must be in class for at least two-thirds of the class period to be counted present. Each student will only be allowed to leave class four times per semester for trips to the bathroom, to get water, etc..

2. A student is considered present when his/her attendance “is required” at the following places:

A. School sponsored field trips
B. Other activities initiated by and scheduled by the school
C. Special school events which may require early dismissal from school
D. Assignments to in-school suspension

3. As soon as a parent anticipates a student’s extended absence because of a severe, prolonged, or chronic illness under a physicians care, the parent shall notify the principal. The principal shall make arrangements for homebound/hospital bound, or other appropriate instruction. If a student makes a good faith effort to complete the work under these conditions, days missed will not be counted against the policy. This arrangement shall be made only on the advice of the attending physician. Parentsshould address all questions regarding this type of instruction to the principal.

4. Any student who has a passing average in a course, but who has not attended 85 days in that course, must attend and satisfactorily complete attendance make-up sessions offered after school for each such course. If the student does not attend and satisfactorily complete attendance make-up sessions for each such course, no credit will be given and a grade of “F” will be recorded as the final grade for the course.

Absentee Procedure:
Check which category of absence applies to the request for waiver.
Students are required to bring a note from their legal guardian verifying absence reason(s) immediately upon their return to school. The first period teacher will code the absence in the computer (excuse/unexcused). Students must bring a note from home within three days of absence or the student will be sent to the grade level administrator. Pursuant to this policy, students failing to meet attendance requirements in any required course for promotion or graduation shall neither be promoted nor allowed to participate in graduation ceremonies.
TCR Attendance Make-up and Waiver Procedures:


  1. Download a Request to Waive Days Form. Copies are also available in the front office and in the counseling office.
  2. Check which category of absence applies to the request
  3. Complete all requested information on the front of the form, including the student and parent or guardian signatures at the bottom.
  4. Attach all documentation to the request. Return the completed form and documentation to your counselor.


All waiver requests will be presented to the TCRHS TIPS Team for consideration during regularly scheduled monthly meetings, usually the 2nd Thursday of each month at 3:15 pm. Parents and students will be notified of the committee decisions by letter. All teachers will be notified of approved absence waivers by an email list.