PBIS Schoolwide

Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports

What is PBIS?

Positive Behavior Intervention and Support Programs are a way to impact the learning environments in schools in order to support high student performance and to reduce behavioral problems.

Whole School Positive Behavior Intervention and Support is a systematic approach that establishes and reinforces clear behavioral expectations for academic and social success.

What does PBIS mean at TC Roberson?

Students at TC Roberson are expected to Respect All and Manage Self

We utilize the word RAMS to represent our behavior expectations for students…

R= Respect                                    “take ownership of your actions

A= All                                            "treat everyone with kindness"

M= Manage                                    “be an honest, ethical person”

S= Self                                “be considerate to yourself and surroundings”

Students are encouraged to Respect All, Manage Self in the following locations: classrooms, hallways, locker rooms, restrooms, cafeteria, bus, and extracurricular activities.

RAMS acknowledgement system:

Students who exhibit RAMS behavior (by demonstrating academic achievement, regular school attendance, and minimal discipline referrals) will be acknowledged for their achievements through: RAMS Reminder Coupon RAMS Rewards RAMS Celebration Events Nominations for Student of the Month Eligibility for raffle and prize drawings

How can parents get involved?

Encourage your student to adhere to school expectations at all times

Recognize your student’s successes in all areas:

academic, attendance and behavior

Provide your input about the PBIS program to school administration

Be a role-model to your student by following these behavior expectations while at TCR

Get involved! Join a committee! Volunteer your time!