Summer Academy June 28 - August 3

Summer Academy June 28 - August 3
Posted on 05/09/2022

SUMMER ACADEMY 2022        

WHERE: Reynolds High School (you may choose the Erwin site, but bus transportation for TCR students will only be available to and from ACR) 

WHEN: June 28 - Aug 3 (closed Mon, 7/4), Mon - Thurs; 8 - 11:15 and/or 11:45 - 3:00

WHY: Anyone looking to restore or earn credits towards graduation

HOW: All classes will be in person, no virtual option, Morning or Afternoon Sessions available. **There is NO cost to attend.

WHO: Contact TCR Student Services for Info (Choose the Reynolds App link)


Don’t turn in your laptop at the end of school unless there is an issue with it. 

Use a correct and often-checked email address when completing an application. 

You will receive an email in early June with details and directions about your course meeting times and bus transportation. 

If your parent does not have an email, you must list another close relative and provide their email information.

Graduation Ceremony held August 3 at 6pm for students who have met graduation requirements over the summer.


Credit Recovery is only for courses that have been failed previously

There are two sessions of credit recovery. Full credit courses require both sessions
    Session One is June 28 - July 14
    Session Two is July 18 - August 3

Students can take one or two courses each session

If students only need one or two credit recovery courses they may choose either Session One or Session Two. 

If a student needs more than two credit recovery courses they will need to register for both sessions. Also, if you only need two credit recovery courses, you can register for mornings only for both sessions or afternoons only for both sessions. 

Once you have successfully completed an online credit recovery course you can stop attending Summer Academy.  In other words, the end date is dependent upon your effort.


For students who need first time credit and have not failed the course or feel that they would best learn in a teacher-taught class versus computer-based instruction.  New credit courses begin June 28 and end on August 3. Attendance/ participation is required for the entire session. 


Bus transportation will be offered for Summer Academy students with pick up and drop off at TC Roberson.

Students will be bused to Reynolds in the morning, mid-day, and in the afternoon.

Breakfast and lunch will be provided each day by Buncombe County Schools Child Nutrition Department at no charge to students or parents.

Click here to proceed to the Summer Academy 2022 (Reynolds Site) Application

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