Freshman Academy

The Freshman Academy was developed and implemented in the 2007-2008 school year as a learning community to improve the success of students as they transition to high school. To support this transition, 9th grade students take their core academic classes in a separate part of the school known as the Freshman Academy. The Academy faculty consists of 18 teachers, a guidance counselor, and an administrator.
The mission of the Freshman Academy is to create a collaborative learning environment that provides academic and social support to students and their families, while facilitating a successful transition to and throughout high school.

                                                        academy staff

Freshman Academy Faculty


TBD – Assistant Principal

Natalie Anderson – Freshman Counselor



                  English Teachers                     
Taylor Sluder
Kathryne McKissock 
Jenny Larson
Cristina McMinn  
Science Teachers
Dayna Ferguson  
Trent Wharton 
Tom Ferguson
Randi Baldwin 
Social Studies Teachers
Laura Ketchuck   
Elizabeth Ford-Ferguson
Josh Martin 
Ben Boyd  
Math Teachers
Emily Miller   
Phillip Alford 
Mandi Boyd
Alan Wilson 
EC Teachers   
Ryan McCormick