Math I Honors Rules and Procedures

Math I Syllabus

Mr. Hord       


     Welcome to Math I.  In this course we will discover and apply many different mathematic concepts while integrating information learned in previous math classes.  We will be using the
Core Plus Mathematics Course 1 book. 



Your grade will be a combination of tests, quizzes, homework, and in class assignments.


  • Tests: Tests will always be announced beforehand and worth 100 points each. We will have a test covering each unit.  Classwork and homework are valuable tools when preparing for tests.
  • Quizzes: Quizzes can be announced or unannounced and are worth 20 to 50 points each.
  • Homework: Homework will be assigned most days and reviewed the next day in class.  Each problem is different so you are expected to try each one, even if you can’t solve it.  It is your responsibility to correct all homework problems in your notebook for homework quizzes.  These quizzes will be taken at random.  The homework quiz questions will direct you to certain problems in your notebook to be transferred to your quiz paper.  This will be done without the book or calculator so be sure to label all assignments carefully!  You must show your work –no work, no credit!!  I consider it cheating if you copy someone else’s homework.  Graded homework will be worth 10-20 points. 
  • In Class Assignments: This includes in class participation, warm-ups, exit slip questions, and classroom investigations.


     Nine weeks grades are based on a numeric average which will be used to calculate the final course grade. Students must take a North Carolina Math I EOC which is 25% of the final Math I grade average.


Make – Up Work

      Class attendance is essential to your success. Missed homework, quizzes and tests must be made up within four days of your absence.  Missed assignments can be viewed and printed from our Google Classroom. It is your responsibility to get your assignments after any absence.


     All students will be required to keep a 3-ring binder for Math I.  This notebook will be a key to student success and an integral part of the class.  Notebooks should be divided into the following sections:

·        Warm-ups

·        Classwork and Notes

·        Homework

Each section should be organized in alphabetical order. 


Extra Help

The best time to get extra help will be after school.  Please let me know what time you need help in advance so that we both can make the necessary arrangements.



     Report cards will be sent home with the student each nine weeks and progress reports every four and a half weeks.  Students will take the progress reports home to be signed by a parent/guardian and return to me the next day for a homework grade. Students and parents should monitor student progress from the PowerSchool website.  A link is provided from the TCR Math I website. 


Class Rules and Expectations

  • Tardies You should be in your seat and working on the warmup when the bell rings.  If not, students will be marked tardy.                                      
  • Cell phones Cell phones should not be used or visible during class unless specifically directed by the teacher for an activity.  Time between classes and lunch is available for using cell phones. Student use of phones during class for ANY reason will result in a discipline referral. 
  • Discipline Plan All discipline will be handled in accordance with the TC Roberson discipline policy.


I believe every student can learn and be successful.  I will be glad to help – but you must ask! The responsibility for your success depends on you.