Course Overview

Visual Art One
Grade Level: 9,10,11,12
Students will learn the conceptsofart elements using a variety of art media.Students will have exposure to drawing, painting, sculpture, and ceramics.

Visual Art 2
Grade Level: 10,11,12
Students explore a variety of techniques, tools, media, and personal expressive style used in drawing. Students will become proficient in the manipulation of value, line, space, texture, proportion, and perspective.

Visual Art 3
Grade Level: 10,11,12
Course is devoted to the study of 3-dimensional art- ceramics and sculpture. Students will use 3D media ,techniques, tools, and processes to communicate an idea or concept based on research, environment, personal experience, observation, or imagination.

Visual Art 4
Grade Level: 11,12
this course is designed to allow the experienced art student to investigate specific areas of art in depth. Students will choose from a variety of art areas from self-directed and designed art experiences. Students must be self-motivated and self-directed as well as cooperative, responsible art students. this course is specifically directed for art students building a portfolio for college entrance.

Photography 1
Grade Level 11,12
Prerequisite: Art 1 and permission from instructor
This course will provide introduction to photographic image conception and production emphasis on camera handling and darkroom skills. Students must have access to their own 35mm manual camera. Also known as a single lens reflex camera. Film and paper purchase by the student will be necessary. Students will also get an introduction to digital Photoshop.