Late 19th & 20th Century Literary Movements- unit resources

DuBois African-American Literature 1865-1918
collection of original documents designed for study by high school students
The Making of African American Identity developed and maintained by the National Humanities Center
Chopin Realism & Naturalism
Stephen Crane biography, literary commentary, and related resources
The Stephen Crane Society  hosted by Washington State University
brief notes on realism, naturalism, local color, and major authors
Realism in American Literature  published by Dr. Donna Campbell of Washington State University
characteristics of realism
American Realism: 1865-1910  compiled by Patricia Penrose for Masterpiece Theatre's American Collection
Stein The Lost Generation/Moderns
information about the author, his writing, and numerous related resources
Timeless Hemingway  compiled by Josh Silverstein
site featuring several important quotes about Hemingway's philosophy of writing
PAL: Ernest Hemingway (1899-1961) compiled by Paul P. Reuben
Langston Hughes The Harlem Renaissance
general background information about the Harlem Renaissance
The Social Contributions of The Harlem Renaissance  compiled by Henry Rhodes for theYale-New Haven Teacher's Institute
Zora Neale Hurston biography and notes
Zora Neale Hurston  from the Women in History project of Lakewood Public Library
Richard Wright biography and related resources
Richard Wright (1908-1960)  from Modern American Poetry
brief commentary on Wright, Uncle Tom's Children, and Native Son
Richard N. Wright (1908-1960)  from Chickenbones: A Journal for Literary and Artistic African American Themes
Langston Hughes biography and related resources
Langston Hughes (1902-1967)  from Modern American Poetry
Faulkner The Southern Reanaissance
biographies, original texts, criticism, and related information
general essay on the definitive characteristics of Southern literature
"Genres of Southern Literature"  by Lucinda MacKethan, North Carolina State University, hosted by Southern Spaces: an Internet Journal and Scholarly Forum
comprehensive Faulkner site featuring biographical and literary information & updates about current Faulkner scholarship
William Faulkner on the Web  designed and maintained by doctoral candidate John B. Padgett
Kerouac The Beats
general information site containing information about Beat authors, works, and related material
a RookNet project compiled by Ken Rumsey
Kerouac biography and general information about his major works and influence
Jack Kerouac Official Website  run by Kerouac's estate
commentary on the origins and impact of On The Road with multiple multi-media links
Kerouac's On the Road  from NPR's Present at the Creation series
Sherman Alexie Contemporary Native American Literature
index of Native American writers and related resources
Native American Authors: Teacher Resources  compiled by Inez Ramsey of James Madison University
collection of texts by Native American authors
Native Americans  from the Text Center of the University of Virginia
general characteristics of contemporary Native American literature with a short bibliography for suggested study
Contemporary Native American Novels  from Columbia University
Momaday biography, commentary, sample works, and related information
N. Scott Momaday  compiled by Kenneth M. Roemer for Modern American Poetry