Standing Assignments

Standing Assignments

Any items turned into MHarrison will be subject to the Late Work policy in class. 
Names:  Students should fold all assignments (except when noted in class) vertically with the crease on the left of the paper, and put the 4W's on the top of the 1/2 sheet.  The 4W's are: WHO (student's name), WHAT (assignment), WHEN (turn-in date), and WHERE (which class).

Journals:  Students are required to have a NON-SPIRAL, BOUND journal to write in each day.  Although journals will not be collected, students will be graded to ensure that they are writing each day in the journal.  If a journal is left in the room, the teacher reserves the right to look through it to determine ownership and to ensure that the objective of the journal time is being met.

Acordeones:  As part of the review process for vocabulary, students will be required to complete Acordeones for each list of words.  MHarrison will demonstrate in the class the proper way to complete these.  When finished, there should be 8 columns with alternating words and definitions. Each column must be completed in alternating colored pen.
Writing Prep:  Each week, students will write an essay responding to a prompt. These will be used to help students prepare for the timed 10th Grade Writing Test.



Late Work:  Although not desired, some work in the class can be turned in late.  For each day something is late, students will be deducted 10% of the points available on that assignment.  If an assignment is turned in anytime after the stated due date and time (typically the beginning of class), it will be count for minimum of one day late.  Students are required to fill out a late form and attach it to the assignment or it will not be graded.

Tardies:  Tardies will be counted at all times and it will affect a student's ability to exempt the final exam.

Hall/Homework Passes:  At the beginning of the semester, each student was given 4 Hall/Homework Passes.  These can be used for a variety of things: 1. Hall pass to get water, go to the bathroom, etc.  2. Late Pass (no tardy counted) as long as the tardy is not over 3 minutes.  3. Homework pass - will either take the place of an assignment (daily checks) or delay the due date (take-home essays) by one day.  4. Count as extra credit.  Once the 4 passes are used, no new ones will be given (except the possible Magic Closet prize).  Any bathroom or locker passes given beyond these 4 will result in an after school detention.