Class Rules and Procedures


Welcome to Math III Honors. In this course we will be taking concepts learned in previous math classes and investigating them more in depth. We will also introduce many new concepts in this class that will be built upon in your fourth year math course. This is a very important class in the mathematics sequence.


The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction has mandated rigor for all honors mathematical courses.  That statement alone should give you some idea of the class! There will be homework assigned almost every night and it is your responsibility to keep up with the work. You will often be able to start the assignment in class and work with your group or partner.  It is vital to your success to try all the homework and ask for help as needed. You will be collaborating with your partner or group daily in class. This group discovery is essential to your success in this class. It is imperative that you join the group and be an active learner. Math is NOT a spectator sport, so join in!



Your grade will be a combination of tests, quizzes, homework, class work, and projects.


TESTS:  Test will always be announced and are worth 100 points each.  We will have a major test covering each unit or part of unit and these will always be preceded by a review day.


QUIZZES:  Quizzes may be announced or unannounced and are worth 20 – 60 points each.  You should expect a quiz about every other day.


HOMEWORK:  Homework assignments will be graded in different ways. Some assignments will be taken up and graded either for effort or correctness- depends on the assignment. Some will not be graded at all but it is expected that you do your homework daily.  The points given for these will vary.  ALL WORK MUST BE INCLUDED!  Remember, math is not magic.  Late homework will NOT be accepted. 


PROJECTS:  There will be a variety of projects and labs throughout the semester.  The objective is to move the mathematics out of the textbook and into the real world.  Points for these will vary.



I expect you to come to class prepared.  Please be sure you have the following:

*3 ring notebook     *paper             *graphing calculator          *8 dividers                *colored pencils

* ruler                        * $2 for Geometry supplies(when needed)        *graph paper       *A GOOD ATTITUDE

Classroom Supplies:  *Pack of  white or pastel copy paper     * Box of Tissues       



  • ÞMake up work is your responsibility.Don’t get behind.
  • ÞI am here almost every morning and every afternoon.You need to come and get help as soon as you have questions.
  • ÞYour final grade will be determined by averaging the numerical grade from each nine weeks and the exam(25%).** MONITOR YOUR GRADE IN POWERSCHOOL**
  • ÞIt is your choice to take an honors level class. There is a big difference in the workload and pace. NO WHINING!!!! You must be prepared to work hard and learn. You need to come to this class with some previous skills as we build upon them.
  • ÞI will do everything I can to help you be successful but you must earn the final grade on your own. Good Luck!