AP US History Grading Information/Policies

Mr. Browning

TC Roberson High School

APUS History Grading Policies


1.        Tests

-Over two days (usually) with day one being Multiple Choice and day two being essay

-Both portions weighted 3x

-Tests will be timed (except for first few)

-Multiple Choice portions will be cumulative throughout the year

-Corrections are mandatory with Multiple Choice Exams (See separate sheet on Corrections)

-YES there is a mid term exam and NO you are not exempt!


2.        Notebook

-Graded on the Essay test day for each unit

-Weighted as a double grade (2x)

-Divided into the following sections (mandatory to follow this format!)

-Each portion worth 25 points

a.        Lecture/in class notes

-Notes from class lectures, discussions, videos, and other class activities

-All notes should be titled and dated

-Must be legible, photocopies are NOT acceptable


b.        Reading notes

-Includes all text book reading and extra readings (from Portrait of America primarily)

                -Must be titled and dated

                -May not be photocopied

                -Downloaded notes from the Internet will NOT count towards your reading notes

                -Must be student created and original for credit


c.        Vocabulary

-New list every unit

-Must define and describe significance of each term

-Must be numbered!


d.        Handouts/Worksheets

-Any handout given out must be completed by end of unit, regardless of whether it was reviewed or not


3.        Research Projects and other large Assignments

-Average of about 1-2 per grading period

-Some will be in groups, others as individual projects

-Grades determined by depth of assignment (either single or double)


4.        Practice Essays

-Single grade

-Will be given an opportunity to rewrite most & Peer Reviewed

-No more than one per unit


5.        Daily Grades

-Could include practice thesis assignments, small writing assignments, political cartoons, etc

-Count as one tenth of a whole grade, but will be graded on a 100 point scale


6.        National History Day

-Each student will be required to actively participate in the creation of a National History Day research project.

-All students will compete in the Regional competition

-Students may work in groups

-This is an ongoing assignment that will last the entire academic year and have multiple parts graded


Test Corrections:

As stated in the grading policies, all tests will be accompanied with an opportunity to correct missed multiple choice questions.  Policies will differ based on the course you are taking.


Scoring: All Multiple Choice tests will be graded on a curve.  Curves will be based on the total number of questions missed on the test provided students complete their corrections.  Students will receive half credit for every missed question provided they complete their correction for those questions.  For example:


Student A correctly answered 40 of 50 Multiple Choice questions on a given test.  The student’s raw score is an 80.  They missed 10 questions and completed all corrections properly for them giving them a 10 point curve, or a 90.

Student B correctly answers 25 questions on the same test.  Their raw score is a 50.  They turned in all of their corrections (25) giving them 25 additional points, for a final curved grade of 75, which is low, but still passing.  Corrections can turn a bad failing grade like a 50 into a D and a mid level C into a strong B.


What is a Correction? For the APUS student a correction includes the written question and its answer choices and a Handwritten explanation of why the correct answer is correct based on some sort of research or logic.  Explanations must be well developed and clear, however one brief sentence restating the question will not work.  The more developed corrections are, the less likely it is that students will miss related questions again in the future.  In this way, they serve as a constant review of difficult material without taking significant class time.  The best way to learn often is to make mistakes.  Corrections are NOT to explain why you missed the question, rather they are to explain why the correct answer is in fact correct.  In addition, tests will no longer be permitted out of the room, so if you need to write down questions you missed along with answer choices you will be doing that before or after school.


Students will always have 5 school days to complete their corrections and turn their test copies back in.  Failure to turn in test copies will result in a failing grade of a 50 on the test, regardless of your original score.  Failure to complete your corrections in 5 days will result in complete forfeiture of any curve points.  In other words, you will receive your original grade.  Late corrections will not be accepted, as you would have had 5 days!


Materials Needed For Class:

  1. 3 Ring Binder (at least 1.5 to 2 in size)
  2. Notebook paper
  3. Dividers (at least 4)
  4. Manila folders (for home)
  5. Writing utensils (both pencils & pens)