Mr. Browning's Rules and Classroom Policies

Mr. Browning's Classroom Rules:

  1. All School rules as stated in the student handbook apply in this classroom
  2. Food is NOT allowed to be consumed in the classroom
  3. Students are required to try their best on every assignment, no matter how small or difficult
  4. Respect your fellow classmates, the classroom, and me
  5. Be on time!  Its half of life
  6. Smile! J  It can be infectious and will make the difficult times not seem so bad

Classroom Policies & Rule Explanations:

  1. Tardies: After the first day of the semester I will begin to count tardies for all students.  School policy calls for administrative referrals for every tardy after two (2).  This means you will be referred when you are tardy for the third time to my class. The only excuse you have for tardiness is if you are coming from another classroom teacher or administrator WITH A NOTE FROM SCHOOL PERSONNEL.
  1. Bathroom/Water Fountain: In general you usually have plenty of time to go to the bathroom between classes.  TC Roberson has instituted a policy where students will be permitted four (4)  passes for the bathroom or water fountain per semester.  I will keep a separate chart and advise you of how many bathroom passes you have used over the course of the semester.  If you have a documented medical issue requiring more trips to the bathroom please present your administrator with the proper documentation from a physician.
  1. Food/Drink: No food in the classroom-period.  I will allow drinks ONLY if they are in a closable bottle.  No can drinks permitted or open cups from the cafeteria.
  1. Cell Phones:PARENTS PLEASE TAKE NOTE...: Per SCHOOL POLICY cell phones or other communication devices are not permitted to be out, on, or in use during class time.  Please encourage your children to turn these devices off and keep them put away while in my class.  If I see them out, whether on or off they will be taken and given to the office.  If they ring or vibrate, etc I will take them and turn them in.  If your child does not give them to me after such an offense I will refer them to administration.  NO EXCEPTIONS!
  1. CD Players: MP3’s, or I-Pod devices are no longer allowed to be used in my room.
  1. Getting the class’ attention: If you see me in the front of the room with my hand in the air it is time for you to stop what you are doing and pay attention to me.  I will have something important to say.
  1. Answering a Question: The best, most sane way to do this is the old fashioned way…raise your hand quietly.
  1. Climate Control: The only person who controls the climate in the room, IE the heat or AC is ME!  If you are hot, wear shorts, if your cold bring a sweater or sweatshirt.  In general I keep a fairly cool room.
  1. Advising: Most mornings I am in my room by 7:30 AM.  I am also available afternoons after school until 3:30, and sometimes later.  If you are in need of assistance please see me before or after class and set up a time when we both can meet.
  1. Make-up Tests/etc: If you are absent on a test day it is YOUR responsibility to make up the test and alter your schedule to have that done.  I will work with you but athletic practices or work outside of school are not excuses for delaying a make up.  We will decide what day you will make up the test when you return and I will hold you to that.  In general I want all tests made up within two to three days unless there are serious extenuating circumstances.  After each test I will post a list of those who need to make up the test on the board.