Spring 2021- Remote Instruction and Meet the Teacher
Spring 2021 Meet the Teacher Video Link

Hello Students and Families! I have missed you!!!  

I know that this is a bit long, but there are things posted here that I need you to do, so please read to the end 😉.

Please remember that our first job at school is to keep everyone safe. Masks are required to be worn over your mouth AND nose and we will be social distancing.  I will be keeping our windows open (and the heat running to circulate the air) during in person instruction, and hope to be outside for lunch (weather and space permitting) so please come dressed in layers (including a sweatshirt) so that you will be comfortable.

Students, I will send you an email on January 4th since we will be starting the semester remotely, make sure to join our Google Classroom and our class Remind. You need to join Google Classroom to be ready for the 1st day of class. 

I have posted a short video to show you how to join the class, in case you are not sure. You will need to check our Google Classroom Class each day (the link will be there for live instruction as well as assignments and materials).

We will be using Zoom for our live class instruction. If you need to install Zoom on your school computer please follow the links below for instructions to install Zoom through the Software Center:
Zoom Installation Directions for Students - English
Zoom Installation Directions for Students - Spanish 

If you are having technical issues, and already have access to Zoom, you can click here to reach Mr. Brush in the TCR Media Center during school hours via Zoom.  You can also call him at 654-1765 by asking to speak with Mr. Brush or Media.

Parents, please send me an email me so that I will be able to send you an invitation to receive updates (daily or weekly) from Google Classroom. By joining Google Classroom it will be much easier for you and I to keep in contact throughout the semester. This is even more important this year.  I will not bombard you with messages😊. 

If you are having trouble joining the class when you receive the email invite, just jot me an email and I will get in touch with you to help you out.  

If you do not have a school computer, please call the school and they will help you. 
If you have not restarted your computer recently, please restart your computer and leave it on for a few hours to allow for all updates to be installed.  If you are unfamiliar with (or don't remember) how to log into different tools, you can use this link.  You can also contact the BCS Tech Help Desk if you are having computer issues by calling 828-255-5987 or emailing them at: helpdesk@bcsemail.org. You can also live chat with the staff at the help desk from 8 am to 6 pm with this link. 

It would be great to take care of any problems before the 1st day of class to help you have a smooth start to the semester.

Based on decisions at the December 18th BCS School Board meeting:
January 4th is now a designated teacher work day and classes will be remote for the 1st 2 weeks.  Wednesday will remain asynchronous and we will meet for class via Zoom during this time. Please feel free to touch base with me on January 4th if you are having trouble with anything so that we can try to get you set up for the first day of class. 

Starting on Tuesday, January 5th:
1st period, Earth/Environmental Science Honors,   
Our class will meet for live instruction and activities via Zoom at 8:45.
When we are back in plan B, in person students will be in our class from 8:15-9:40.

3rd period Biology, 
Our class will meet for live instruction and activities via Zoom at 11:45.
When we are back in plan B, in person students will be in our class from 11:25-1:25 (with lunch at 12:45).

4th period, Earth/Environmental Science, 
Our class will meet for live instruction and activities via Zoom at 1:45.
When we are back in plan B, in person students will be in our class from 1:35-3:15.

Instruction will be given to the whole class each day during our Zoom instruction blocks. 
I will keep Zoom open for students to receive additional support immediately following instruction (if time allows). 

I will be delivering instruction, posting assignments, and giving feedback through GoogleClassroom (our Zoom link will be found in Classroom as well).  
Review materials and other tools will also be accessible through this site. Students will join with the join code and parents can email me to be invited to get daily or weekly updates (due dates, missed assignments, and easier messaging with me).  You can send me an email at dayna.ferguson@bcsemail.org. 

Graded assignments will continue to be entered into PowerSchool, so please check there regularly. However, the best way to see current assignments and graded work immediately is in Google Classroom. Unlike at the end of last year, missing work will result in zeros, so please let me know when you need help.

I got into teaching because I love working with kids; all the craziness, all the new discoveries...all of it.  Distanced learning makes it harder to stay connected and I will do my best to be there for you even though we are all connecting without seeing each other in person each day.  If you need help or have questions, please reach out to me. Also remember that our counselors and social worker (Ms. Greene) are here for your too and can be reached by email through the "counseling" link under the "academics" tab on the TC Roberson Website or by clicking here.

Thank you for being a part of our RAMS Family and supporting each other.  When things get tough, it is even more important to be positive and be leaders.  I know that we can get through whatever is coming by working together.

Be well-
Mrs. Ferguson