Early Childhood I

Early Childhood Education I (FE1)


        General Information


Course Description


This two-credit course prepares students to work with children in early education, child care settings, and other child related fields.  Areas of study include personal and professional preparation, child development from birth to age 12, techniques and procedures for working with young children, history of childcare, individuals that made a significant impact on the study of children, and trends and opportunities in this field.  An internship makes up 50 percent of instructional time.  TC Roberson has an on-site preschool where the students are able to complete their internship hours.

Expectations and Goals


Students are expected to come prepared each day.  Roberson’s preschool has a lead teacher and the students are the assistant teachers.  As an assistant they will need to be responsible, hardworking, caring, and work well with others. 


Required Supplies


  • 1” 3 ring binder for notes
  • ·notebook paper
  • highlighter


Classroom Grading


Projects/Classwork 25%

Tests/quizzes 25%

Lab/internship participation 50%




Projects are graded using the following criteria:

  • Materials for project brought to class on time
  • Effort/attitude of student during project (I have learned that if a student has a positive attitude and works hard they always produce a quality product)
  • Project completed on time




  My student’ and preschool children’s safety is my number one concern.   TC Roberson’s preschool is a 5 star NC licensed child care facility so we will go over school and state safety rules.




Classroom rules are pretty basic:

  • Be on-time, on-task, and prepared to learn everyday
  • Keep all electronics put away
  • Be responsible for your own learning
  • Respect the teacher, the classroom, and other students
  • Keep our room and your work space clean – trash goes in the trashcan

  I try to handle discipline issues in class but I will call home to ask for your help if students are unable to follow classroom rules.