American History 2 Overview and Requirements

Course Description:
American History Course II will guide students from the late nineteenth century time period through the early 21st century. Students will examine the political, economic, social and cultural development of the United States from the end of the Reconstruction era to present times. The essential standards of American History Course II will trace the change in the ethnic composition of American society; the movement toward equal rights for racial minorities and women; and the role of the United States as a major world power. An emphasis is placed on the expanding role of the federal government and federal courts as well as the continuing tension between the individual and the state. The desired outcome of this course is for students to develop an understanding of the cause-and-effect relationship between past and present events, recognize patterns of interactions, and understand the impact of events on in the United States in an interconnected world.
Course Requirements:

To ensure your success, the following is required:

  1. You are required to read chapters in the text and complete reading notes. I will facilitate the understanding of material presented in the readings and in class.
  2.  All assignments are to be kept in a 3-ring binder. It is organized by unit of study.
  3. Tests are given at the completion of each of the units of study. In addition, there will be quizzes and a NC Final Exam.
  4. Keep your learning current for pop quizzes.
  5. Both American History 1 and 2 are graduation requirements for all students and you must be able to                  demonstrate your knowledge of history and your ability to analyze and evaluate historical content on the NC  Final Exam, which counts 25% of your semester grade.

Study skills to help you be successful:

  1. Read to learn; don’t skim just to complete an assignment.
  2. Read over your reading notes each night.
  3. Highlight and quiz yourself on key terms and ideas in your reading notes each night.

Required Materials:

  • 1 ½” 3-ring binder
  • 10 dividers
  • Pen/pencil every day

Donations Needed for Classroom:

hand sanitizer
1 ream of paper