Class Expectations & Policies

Grade Policy: Each 9 weeks grade will be calculated based on the following percentages:

A = 90-100                                           Reading Notes  = 35%

B = 80-89                                             Unit Tests & Notebook = 35%

C = 70-79                                             Class Participation/Activities= 15%

D = 60-69                                             Quizzes = 15%                              

F = 0-59                                               **all assignments are graded for accuracy


Class Expectations:

  1. Be Respectful of everyone- use kind words and actions toward others. Follow directions the first time they are given. Listen while instruction is being given. Adhere to class expectations. Respect the classroom and its resources.
  2. Be Responsible- do everything you can to help yourself and others learn. Give your best effort every day and complete work with integrity. Ask for help when you need it (before/after school) and choose not to fail.
  3. Be Prompt & Present -be on time and present every day. There is no substitute for being present, alert, and participating in class every day.
  4. Be Prepared- bring your required materials, a positive attitude and 100% effort every day.



  • Absences- When absent, you are responsible for getting your missed assignments/quizzes/tests and completing them within 2 days of your return to school. Assignments/quizzes/tests will not be accepted after day 2 and assignments will earn a grade of 0. 
  • Tardy- Do not be late to class. You must be in your seat when the tardy bell rings. The door is closed and class begins at the bell.  
  • Leaving Class- emergencies only. Take care of your personal needs before class. You will have 5 emergency bathroom passes for the semester logged in my grade book. If you have an emergency and you need to use the restroom, your cell phone stays in the classroom and you return to class quickly; do not loiter in the hallway.
  • Class Behavior- you need to ask appropriate questions, participate in activities, and complete assignments. Sleeping, refusing to participate/complete assignments and inappropriate behavior is unacceptable and will not only affect your academic success, but will also result in contacting parents, detention, parent conferences and office referrals. Disruptions to the learning environment are not acceptable or tolerated.
  • Food & Drink- drinks (preferably water) are allowed, but food is not allowed. If you spill it, you clean it. 
  • Electronic Devices- In accordance with school policy, cell phones are put on silent mode and placed in the assigned cell phone holder on the back of the door before the tardy bell each day; students will retrieve their phone when the bell rings to be dismissed from class.  
  • Cheating- is never acceptable and will be dealt with severely. It is academic fraud and reflects poorly of your character and integrity. Parents and coaches will be contacted and an office referral written for every offense. Cheaters never prosper.
  • Late Work - assignments are due on the assigned date at the beginning of class. If assignment is is turned in late, you will only receive partial credit. 1 day = loss of 20 points, more than 1 day late = loss of 50 points.
  • Notebooks- all work will be kept in a 3-ring binder organized by units. A table of contents for each unit is posted on the board as we progress through the unit. All assignments are expected to be complete. The notebook is cumulative and will be turned in at the end of the semester. Notebook organization is a key to success in an academic class so a neat, complete notebook organized by units will be kept and graded at the completion of each unit (test days).



1st offense-  warning

2nd offense- morning or after school detention (10 minutes)  and parent phone call

3rd offense- morning or after school detention (20 minutes) and parent phone call

4th offense- major referral and 1 day of ISS
***I reserve the right to accelerate consequences for extremely disruptive and/or disrespectful behavior.