Outside Purchases/ Requirements for Class

Materials required for all levels of Physics 2018-2019:
     Calculator TI-30 Scientific or higher (TI Graphing Calculator is fine.) - Calculator will NOT be provided by teacher.
     3-Ring Binder for handouts and spiral bound notebook for classwork/homework
     Notebook paper, pencils, ink pens (black and blue only- NO RED or GREEN ink is allowed)
     Colored Pencils
     180 or 360 degree protractor and ruler
     2 Marble stitch notebooks (preferably quadrille graph paper) for daily quizzes and physics guidebook
            (AP will need 3+ Marble stitch (quadrille graph paper) notebooks per semester)
     Graph paper (one pack quadrille and one pack scientific)
     Suggested Purchases for Physics AP (not Required):
     Schaums College Physics 12th edition by Eugene Hecht ISBN-13: 978-1259587399
     If you can find it:  AP Advantage Physics B (Peoples Publishing) ISBN 1-4138-0491-8 is a great resource.
Last Modified on November 19, 2018