Schedule of Due Dates

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Research Paper Schedule

November 1-22

Tuesday, November 1 Receive research paper requirements

Research paper topics

Tuesday, November 1 Learn how to use the academic search engine called NC Wise. Begin researching two sources using NC Wise

Thursday, November 3 Two sources chosen and printed.  Students must highlight and annotate sources (10 annotations minimum)

Topic cannot be changed

Monday, November 7 Three more sources chosen, printed and annotated.  Your research is complete.

Tuesday, November 8 No School

Wednesday, November 9 Complete works cited due by end of class; must have five sources minimum

Friday, November 11 No School

Thursday, November 10 Share first draft Google doc with

Mr. Cupp @ and

Mrs. McMinn @

November 10, 14, 15, 16 Write first draft: minimum 4 pages, maximum 8 pages

Wednesday, November 16 First draft due by the end of class!

Email a decent 4-page rough draft for revision purposes;

Mrs. McMinn’s email is

Thursday, November 17 Make an outline and cover page for your second draft

Revise and edit all errors from first draft for second draft

Friday, November 18 4-page second draft turned in by the end of class for editing purposes

Second draft includes the following: title page, outline, 4-pages of research paper, works cited page

Monday, November 21 Revise and Edit Second Drafts

Tuesday, November 22 Final copy due by end of class; No late papers accepted!

Wednesday, November 23 Thanksgiving Break

Note:  Students absent on the days assignments are due (for both school-related activities or personal absences) are held accountable for all work missed.  

Assignments should be turned in before an absence.