Physical Education Policies


  1. Uniforms are purchased during the first week of the semester.  The uniforms will be fitted and an order placed this week.  Cost of the uniform is $20.00.  This includes a shirt and shorts.  If there is a problem in the purchase of the uniform, please inform us by letter through your daughter and provisions will be made.
  2. Write checks instead of sending cash(if possible).  Checks should be made payable to T.C. Roberson High School.  The shirts and shorts are $10.00 each.  You may purchase more than one.
  3. Final grades are determined by the average of the 6 six weeks grades.  A final exam counts 25% of the final average.  
  5. Non-Dress Outs:
  6. No food, drink, or gum is allowed in the gym, weight room, or classroom at any time.
  7. The gym floor and facilities are basically new.  Damage or destruction will not be tolerated.  Any damages done to the facility or to equipment will be the financial responsibility of the person doing the damage.
  8. Tardies to class will be handled according to the T.C.R. handbook.  
  9. All students are expected to participate.  Only a doctor’s note can excuse a student from participating.  If a student arrives to class and feels sick, she can be excused to the office to call a parent and sign out to go home.  A student will be given one non-participating days per six weeks.  This means that the students dresses out but does not participate.  Points will be taken off accordingly but will be allowed to make up by running that number of laps in the gym.  Failure to dress out and participate will handled as previously stated. 

  10. If for medical reasons, a student cannot participate in PE for an extended period of time, she will be required to bring a doctor’s note (ex. Broken arm).  This note excuses them, however, an alternate assignment will be issued in order to receive credit.
  11.  Physical Education at Roberson involves a certain amount of physical activity.  Your daughter will be expected to participate to the best of their ability level.  We fully realize that we have a wide variety of skill levels as well as fitness levels in our individual classes and we teach to those individual needs.
  12. Profanity will not be tolerated.
  13. Each student is asked to accept responsibility for her valuables.  Teachers will lock the dressing areas each day.  Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, things are still occasionally stolen.  We ask your child to avoid bringing money, jewelry, phones, ipods, or other things of value with them, but if they do, they should closely supervise them.  Students who choose to use a gym locker should bring their own lock to secure their clothes and valuables.  However, it is highly recommended not to leave their belongings in the locker room overnight.
  14. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call the school.  (828-654-1765)
  15. Please notify us of any specific allergies or special medical problems your daughter might have.